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30 September, 2020 by Jack 2291
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How to Choose the Best Poker Site?

Today, the international poker market is full of numerous poker room offerings that can be easy to get confused about. The good news for players is that in such an environment, poker rooms are fighting for their market, using a variety of strategies to attract players through bonuses and great deals.

Poker sites differ radically from each other in terms of game options, limits, frequencies, conditions and many aspects. If you play online poker in Canada for real money, rather than just for free, using a code and login to place your play money bets, choosing the right poker room is the first step to success.

Top Rated Canadian Online Poker Sites

The first legal land-based casino in Canada opened in 1973, and since then, poker slot machines have become incredibly attractive to players across the country, even adopting the slang "Pokie" that has since spread to other slot machines.

The board games itself have also grown in popularity, with several tournaments being held in Canada in recent years, including the first Asia Pacific Poker World Series in 2013, which lead to widespread online gambling due to internal facts.

Unsurprisingly, online poker is known as the greatest game, (despite lax regulation of the Interactive Gambling Act), along with other “traditional” casino games such as online blackjack and online roulette.

Benefits of Playing for Real Moneys

Gambling Black CasinoYou don't need a lot of investment to start the game. This is an individual question, especially since you can hit a big jackpot even at the minimum bet. The monetary factor is rather a motivation or a tool to increase the emotional background.

The amount of the win is usually formed taking into account the quantity and quality of the players' bets, therefore, in order to win a significant amount of money, it is worth choosing popular resources

Gaming Statistics in Canada

In Canada, online gamblers are different from land-based gambling institutions. According to the Canadian Institute of Family Studies, roughly the same percentage of players from all income categories participated in some form of gambling. 54.2% of regular players are men and 46.8% are women. 64% of the players are between 30 and 64 years old.

Approximately 38% of players hold certificates or diplomas of education.Comparing portraits of online gamblers and casual gamblers, online gamblers are more likely to be men, more likely to have a college degree and work, and also have a higher average income.

According to the H2 study, Canadians are the world's first in terms of gambling losses. Canadian gamblers regularly lose more than $ 1,000 a year - more than Singaporeans and Americans. H2 does the same analysis every year and the order of countries changes all the time, but always come first.

According to an analysis by H2 Gambling Capital, gambling Canadians spend about $ 17.52 on gambling per week. Between 62% and 77% of online players are male, and the average age of players is 39. Online gamblers typically have a college degree and employment, and their average annual income is between $ 90,000 and $ 119,000.

The same analysis showed that Canadians gamble online for several reasons - the privacy, convenience, and quality of the gambling products offered. 80% of Canadian gamblers bet on sports and horse racing, while 57% play card games and slots, and 26% prefer online poker, gambling in the best online poker sites in Canada.

Online Poker in Canada: Current situation

It is not the first year that the Canadian government has been fighting against gambling: it bans advertising betting on sports in the daytime, threatens bettors with confiscation of computers (if they use the services of illegal operators), and prohibits people from playing online poker with offshore operators.

Since January 2017, many poker rooms have started leaving the country, and in August, the government officially asked everyone else to do the same. Then, despite public condemnation, amendments to the Interactive Gambling Act were adopted, which prohibited offshore operators from conducting any activity in Canada.

The Canadian Communications and Media Administration (ACMA) valiantly reports that as many as "33 offshore poker sites" are no longer operational in the country since the amendments were passed.

Poker Variations

  • Texas Hold’em. More than 80% of offline and online games are held in Texas Hold'em. The secret to the popularity of the discipline is in simple rules, the ability to win big pots.
  • The goal of the Hold'em game is to make the best 5 card hand.
  • Omaha. Omaha rules are very similar to Hold'em. The only difference is in the distribution of 4 pieces face-down to poker players. Any two starters are used to form combinations. Using more than two pockets is unacceptable.
  • Stud. Instead of the blinds in Stud, there are Ante - a mandatory contribution made by the participants. Ante size varies from 1/5 to 1/10 of the minimum bet limit at the table.
  • Razz. A separate variation of the Stud – Razz. The peculiarity is in the principle of drawing up card layouts and determining the winner. The goal of Razz poker players is to get the best low hand.
  • 5 Card Draw. Draw poker is a discipline without a board. The difference between Stud and Razz is in the absence of open pieces - everyone surrenders are closed - it is more difficult to determine the strength of the opponents' combinations.
  • Lowball 2-7. Discipline without open cards with the collection of lower-order layouts. At the beginning of the hand, the two players post the blinds. Additionally, Antes may be charged, depending on the rules of the selected table.
  • Chinese Poker. The exotic discipline Chinese poker Pineapple stands apart. The main feature is that each participant has 13 cells at the table, located in 3 rows.

Online Poker Glossary

  • All-in - "for everything." When a player puts all of his chips into the pot, he is said to "go all-in" and no longer participate in bets. The player who has played "all-in" has the right only to the main bank.
  • Big Slick - so-called a pair of ace/king.
  • Blinds - forced bets made by the first two players to the left of the dealer before the cards are dealt.
  • Bluff - a bet without a good combination, made in the hope that the opponent will fold and lose the pot without a fight.
  • Calling Station - a player who constantly supports bets (plays a call), not evaluating the odds of the pot, and does not bet first.
  • Check / Raise - skip the trade (check), but when someone else makes a bet, raise it (raise).
  • Drawing Dead - cards in which you will lose anyway. For example, you have four spades to a king while your opponent holds a pair of aces along with four spades to an ace. You are hoping to get spades on the river to make a king flush, but even if spades come, you still lose to an ace flush.
  • Fish - the same as a donkey - a player who plays poorly.
  • Flop - after the first round of betting, the dealer places three community cards on the table, called a flop.
  • Gut Shot - a situation in which you are missing one card of a certain denomination to collect a straight.
  • Heads-Up - a game one on one.
  • Set - if you have a pair, then having received another card of the same rank on the board, you collect a set.
  • Tilt - a description of the rolled emotions. It is often used as a measure of the condition of a player who is very unlucky, but who is trying to play aggressively and win the pot. This condition is usually caused by a series of losses.
  • Trips - differs from a set in that a pair is on the table, and the third card is with you.
  • Turn - the fourth community card between the flop and river.
  • Under the Gun - the first player to the left of the big blind to start trading.

More Information about Poker

Is poker legal in Canada?

Almost all types of gambling are legal in Canada. Each state and territory has a specific regulatory body or gambling activity. The chart below shows the regulatory agencies, license fees, and tax rates for each state or territory. Information is available on the websites of regulatory bodies, so feel safe to play.

Are there any gambling licenses?

License fees vary greatly between states and sometimes operators have to pay additional fees, such as for technicians and key people. A complete list of all fees is available on the site of each regulatory agency.

Is another poker boom possible in the future?

There is no single correct answer to this question. It is unlikely that in the future we can expect such a poker boom as in the early 2000s, when online poker literally took over the world, and so much that governments simply did not have time to regulate this industry.

How do the gamblers play poker now?

We will never meet the same weak field as it was in the "2000s." The sudden influx of new players has created the best game in poker history. Now the Internet is full of learning resources, various strategies, so you can hardly expect the same weak composition online again.

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