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2 November, 2020 by Jack 2291
Hallmark Casino login in Canada

Hallmark Casino is your source for the best online casino action and promotions with secure deposits, customer service and fast, reliable payouts. Try out a huge selection of our online casino games today login on the site and head over and catch up on all of the Casino News. Gambling has never been so easy with PaySafeCards. There is no faster way of making a payment than with PaySafeCard. Gamblers should read this.

How to login at Hallmark Casino

It's very simple, click the join now button in the middle of the site and login. If you don't have an account, you need to register, the registration button is located on the next page of the site after join now. Register now to join the fun and login to the site.

After login:

  • 1ST DEPOSIT: 250% Use Promo Code: WIN250
  • 2ND DEPOSIT: 300% Use Promo Code: WIN300
  • 3RD DEPOSIT: 350% Use Promo Code: WIN350

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Best Casinos Accepting PaySafeCard

PaySafeCard has become one of the most popular methods of making a payment on any gambling platform. Bookmakers and gambling institutions offer minimum fees and the transactions are done immediately.

Best PaySafeCard Aussie Casinos

Impatient gamblers keenly experiencing a game stopped due to an empty balance will surely appreciate the PaySafeCard payment resource. Its characteristic feature is the high speed of operations. A PaySafeCard – can be bought in many places in the USA, Europe, and Canada - so the client can instantly replenish the deposit. And please note that you do not need to open an account.

Voucher cards contain different amounts of electronic money - the democratic PaySafeCard understands each client and gives a chance to users with different finances. The entered voucher code is considered to be a confirmation of payment - everything is extremely simple. Quasar Gaming, Party Casino, Next Casino give customers the opportunity to top up their balance with PaySafeCard

What is PaySafe?

The PaySafeCard payment system is a service for electronic transactions using the prepayment method. Here, special plastic cards, receipts containing a 16-digit code are in use. It is used to pay for goods, replenish an account in Skype, social networks, online games, Skrill Digital Wallet, PokerStars.

The cards resemble those intended for replenishing the accounts of mobile operators. The PIN is hidden by a protective coating. It is erased with a coin or not too sharp object. The system does not use personal information. No documents or bank data are needed for transactions.

Absolute anonymity and ease of use are the main advantages of the service. Accordingly, the main currency is the euro, there are also varieties in other currencies

PaySafeCards are issued in denominations of 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 €. It is not necessary to spend everything, when paying for a product, replenishing an account, in addition to a PIN, you need to specify the amount. This means that the code can be used multiple times.

Do not throw away the cards where pennies are left. They can be added when there are not enough funds for another PIN-code. When paying, you can specify several codes at once.

It is convenient to track the balances through the Skype service, where it is sometimes preferable to pay with a card. Or in the official MyPaySafeCard app.

PaySafe in Canada

Gambling Hallmark CasinoPaySafeCard is a payment system that has been operating for 18 years. At the initial stage of development, the geography of work was limited only to Canada, then the company entered the international market. Now you can work with it in 43 countries of the world. The principle of operation is based on the purchase of a prepaid voucher.

The PaySafeCard payment scheme looks like this:

  • Pay at one of the points of sale of vouchers for its cost. Vouchers are issued in different denominations and in different currencies;
  • In return, you receive a voucher from the seller, it will have a 16-digit code;
  • It must be entered in the field to pay for the goods on the store's website.

PaySafeCard supports about half a million online stores. The money is instantly transferred to the seller. If the purchase amount is less than the balance of the voucher, then the balance on it will not go anywhere. It can be used in the future.

Advantages of PaySafeCard in Canada

When talking about the advantages of PaySafeCard, the next can be presented:

  • Complete anonymity and absolute security.You do not risk anything, you do not leave data from your bank account or card anywhere. Only 16 digits of the voucher to transfer money to the seller's account. Without any doubt, the main advantage of digital cards is security. You reduce any risks to the minimum when paying with PaySafeCard, as no information is left on the website which could be used in the future. For example, you set a limit on the card of no more than 5-10 euros, sufficient for online shopping, and maybe even less. This way you will not spend more than planned. Even if money is “taken away” from the figure, they will be able to do it only within small limits.
  • Versatility. What is interesting about the virtual card, it has the same functions as any bank card in the world, because you can play with it anywhere. Even groceries in a supermarket can be bought using PaySafeCard. This means that with the help of these virtual cards, buying stuff is totally different from when it comes to online wallets, through which payments do not pass everywhere.
  • Transaction processing speed. The speed of the PaySafeCard transaction is immediate. No need of waiting hours or even days, as when making a bank transfer, simply make a deposit and enjoy playing PaySafe pokies.
  • Simplicity. By using PaySafeCard, the whole process of making a deposit into a casino or transferring money has never been so easy.
  • Vouchers do not expire, so the balance from it can be used for future purchases.
  • You can order a plastic card. For those people who do not trust online banks and other payment methods, PaySafeCard offers an exclusive feature comparing to their rivals – a simple plastic card.
  • No commission from the payment system when replenishing an account in a casino. Yes, absolutely no commission is taken from users, who spend their free time gambling and want to refill their account with money. This is why PaySafe casinos are so popular.
  • Customer support. When facing troubles, PaySafeCard is here to help. Customer support is available with experts ready to help regarding any issue concerning PaySafeCard. Plus, PlaySafeCard offers an incredibly huge FAQ for those, who do not trust experts from the customer support or are not into having a phone call or writing an e-mail.

The Disadvantages of PaySafeCard in Canada

Nothing is perfect, even PaySafeCard. Here are some disadvantages:

  • If you do not have a PaySafeCard MasterCard, you cannot withdraw money in the same way;
  • It is very inconvenient to buy vouchers, especially in the evening, there is a restriction on the geography of work. In some countries you will not find a PaySafeCard point of sale and therefore will not be able to use the system;
  • When making large replenishments/purchases, you have to add up several vouchers, this is not very convenient;
  • Taking into account all the details, PaySafeCard is still the best method of making a deposit and the most popular one when it comes to asking any professional Canadian gambler.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer Money?

After entering the amount and PIN-code in the payment window of your online store/gambling site, just click "Pay" and the money will be transferred immediately. With this payment method, the time required for the transfer is reduced to a minimum, so the players can bet in a few seconds after making a deposit.

Using a PaySafeCard is free for the first three years. Exactly 4 years after the card was produced or three years after the first use of the card, 2 euros (administration fee) will be charged every month.

If you live in the UK, a monthly administration fee of £2 is charged at the end of a year from the first payment made with the card or two years after the card was issued.

How to Deposit Casino Using a PaySafeCard?

When talking about making a deposit to PaySafeCard casino, no other transaction feature can be as simple as this:

  • Choose the appropriate deposit method on the casino website;
  • Indicate the amount of replenishment;
  • At the next stage, a form opens in which you need to specify the 16-digit voucher code.
  • The money is immediately deposited into your casino account.

This is why Canadlian are almost in love with PaySafeCards. They offer more than a quick experience, it is about the overall experience of using them easily.

More about PaySafeCard

Is it really secure to use PaySafeCard?

By entering the pin code from the voucher, you do not disclose your details, credit card numbers, and bank accounts. In order not to lose your pin-code, do not send it by mail or SMS. All kinds of pin generators that can be found on the darknet do not work, it is technically impossible to hack a voucher code or wind up an account.

How can I be sure that I pay correctly?

When paying with PaySafeCard, pay attention to the security certificate of the store's or office's website. The address bar must contain customer.cc.at.PaySafeCard.com. Some fraudulent schemes are detailed on the official website.

Can I block the account?

Each cardholder has the opportunity to block it if they suspect the theft of funds. Blocking is available by calling the hotline and in your personal account. You cannot unblock the pin, but you will be refunded from the balance when you contact support.

What currencies can I use?

You can use PaySafeCard's currency to pay in Euros, British Pounds, Swiss Francs, Slovak crowns, and US dollars. The amount is converted automatically. Each user can use the currency converter provided on PaySafeCard.com to check the amount.

What languages is the official website available in?

Corresponding language versions of the website are available for the following countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Slovakia, Slovenia, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Ireland, France, Poland, and Portugal.

How long is the PaySafeCard valid?

PaySafeCards do not expire.

Is there any customer support?

You can contact support by email info@PaySafeCard.com. Also, users have the opportunity to fill out a feedback form or call 80004278 (at the local rate). The section "Contacts" indicates the time of technical work when the support is not available.

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